GETTING AROUND: Where to Store Your Bags in Tokyo

Tokyo is a big bustling concrete sprawl with different wards that mix old and new. Towering skyscrapers and neon light lit entertainment districts. It’s easy to get lost in its maze-like streets and alleys. It gets more frustrating when you have to drag or carry your bags around before checking-in or checking out of your accommodation. A vacation that is supposed to be relaxing will turn into a nightmare.

One of the things that make Tokyo a wonderful city is that you can find a place to store your bags while waiting to check-in or depart. These luggage storage services make it convenient to explore the city with no hassle of dragging or carrying your bags. It is safe to leave your bags behind while you enjoy Tokyo’s top attractions. Here are places where you can store your luggage in the big city.


Japan’s airports, both Haneda and Narita, provide luggage storage for travelers who only have a day or half a day to spare.

  • Haneda Airport. The airport luggage desk allows bag storage for 2 weeks. The daily charge varies depending on bag size. Another option is the one offered by Japan Airlines (JAL), which lets you store your luggage for a fee or take it to your next destination or hotel. They provide same-day delivery service for only a few places such as Tokyo Station and Odaiba.
  • Narita Airport. There are coin lockers where you can store your luggage. Some have an eight days’ limit (charged daily), while others charge an hourly rate. The airport also has service providers for travelers who want to forward their bags. Companies that provide this are JAL, GPA, and ABC just to name a few. Other than forwarding services, you can also leave your bags with a storage company. Rates vary depending on the size, weight, and storage duration.

Train Stations

Many of Japan’s train stations have lockers which make it easier for travelers to leave their bags at a convenient place before checking in or en route to the airport. There are many in not just Tokyo, but also in other cities and towns. These come in various sizes from small to large that allow travelers to store most of their bags. Major stations in Tokyo have these in the ticket gates or just outside of it. It is easy to find a vacant one because of the number of available lockers. These lockers are easy to use; you can operate some using a key or an electronic ticket. You have the option to pay in cash or IC cards. Storage rules apply, so please be aware of them.

Service Desks

  • City Service Desks. The popular luggage service provider is Sagawa Express. You can find them in three places around the city: Asakusa Service Center, Tokyo Service Station (Tokyo Station), and Skytree Service Center. Take note of the time, size, and weight limitations. You can check Sagawa’s official website, which has English and Chinese versions.
  • Train Stations Service Desks. The JR East Travel Service Center located in Tokyo Station provides a bag storage service. Look for it around the Marunouchi North Exit. You can’t leave it there for more than a day, so this is an ideal option for those who just want to spend a few hours in the city before going to their final stop.

Others: Mobile Apps

  • BagBNB. This app is not only available in Tokyo (or Japan) but in other countries as well. You just need to choose the location nearest you or the most convenient, depending on your itinerary. You need to create an account to book (and pay) online. The partner establishments don’t allow walk-ins.
  • Ecbo Cloak Service. This is another option to consider while in Tokyo. It is a sharing economy service connecting various shops with space for storage and travelers. It helps users find an ideal and budget-friendly location to store their bags. The rates depend on the size of the luggage. Online booking is a must and payment is done through credit card.

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