Fukuoka Airport (FUK) is the primary gateway to Fukuoka City and Kyushu Island in general. It is Japan’s fourth busiest airport (next to Haneda, Narita, and Kansai) and is connected to virtually every other airport in the country.

Fukuoka Airport is within the city. Hakata Station, which is the biggest and the central train station in the city, is only around 5 minutes by subway or 15 minutes by taxi. You can also consider Tenjin area as your base because there are many hotels available here as well. Tenjin Station is just 12 minutes away by subway.

The only downside is that the domestic and international terminals are housed in two separate buildings located on either side of the runway. The fastest way to reach the city center is the subway, but only the domestic terminal has a subway station.

You don’t have to worry because there is a FREE airport bus service that transports passengers from the international to the domestic terminal. Other modes of transportation are also available to reach the city center.

By Subway

If you are coming from the International Terminal, take the FREE shuttle bus to the domestic terminal, where the subway station linking the airport to the city center is located.

  1. Wait for a shuttle bus at Bus Stop 1.
  2. Get off at Domestic Terminal 2. You will not have a hard time knowing when to alight because it’s the last stop for the free shuttle bus.
  3. Go down to the underground level. Purchase your ticket.
  4. Board a train on the Kuko Line bound for Meinohama or Chikuzemmaebaru.
  5. Hakata Station is only 2 stops away. Alight there.

Travel time: 5 minutes.
Fare: ¥260.

Note: If you’re going to Tenjin Station, it’s 3 stops away. Travel time: 12 minutes. Fare: ¥260.

By Bus

The bus is the cheapest option to reach the city center from the airport, but it may be a bit inconvenient if you have huge baggage or more than one in tow.

  1. Purchase your ticket from the ticket machine.
  2. Wait at Bus Stop #2.
  3. Ride the City Bus (Nishitetsu bus) if you are going to Hakata Station. This bus also stops in Tenjin.

Travel time to Hakata Station: 15-20 minutes.
Fare: ¥260 (Hakata), ¥310 (Tenjin).

Note: If your hotel is closer to Tenjin City Hall or Canal City Hakata, wait at Bus Stop #4 instead and take the Royal Bus. Travel time: Around 30 minutes.

By Taxi

If you are a group of three, taking the taxi from the airport to the city center isn’t as expensive. You might want to consider this, especially if you have heavy luggage in tow.

Here are the usual rates:

  • Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Station: ¥1200
  • Fukuoka Airport to Tenjin-minami: ¥1580
  • Fukuoka Airport to Tenjin Station: ¥1830
  • Hakata Station to Tenjin-minami: ¥1080

By Private Car

If you’re traveling as a family or as a group, you can opt to book a private car from the airport to your hotel. This is far more convenient and practical. Klook offers this service. If you are thinking of booking your private car transfers, you can check it here.


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