Yokohama is one of the biggest cities in Japan with around 3 million living within its confines. Japan followed a self-isolationist policy for a few centuries. When the Edo Period was about to end, the port located in Yokohama was one of the first to open to foreigners. Because of the trade and commerce brought by the traders, the city grew in size and affluence. Fast forward to today, Yokohama is a bustling metropolis.

The city may not have as many attractions as other famous and tourist-favorite cities, but it still has a number of things to do for those who want to include it in their itinerary. Yokohama is a possible day trip (or overnight stay) from Tokyo. The city has a beautiful landscape, plenty of museums, parks, and gardens, and other places of interest for a good day out. These are just some of the attractions and things to do in Yokohama.

Cup Noodles Museum

Are you a big fan of Japanese cup noodles? You might want to include the Cup Noodles Museum while in Yokohama. This quirky attraction details the history of your favorite instant noodles. It has various interactive exhibits and even workshops where you can create your own cup using the ingredients you want. There is a short film showing, playground for children, and a bazaar.

Minato Mirai

This seaside area has many high-rise buildings and is a popular spot to see the beautiful cityscape. The best time to go is during the blue hour until evening. The cluster of buildings in the Minato Mirai Chuo district is the most eye-catching with the Landmark Tower as the most recognizable structure. Other than strolling around the area to admire the city views, the area has a number of attractions such as the Cup Noodles Museum, Nippon Maru and Yokohama Port Museum, and Yokohama Museum of Art. If you want to shop till you drop, drop by Queen’s Square, World Porters, Red Brick Warehouses, and Landmark Plaza. Other places of interest are the Sky garden Observatory, Manyo Club and Cosmo World.

Explore “From Up On Poppy Hill” Locations

Anime lovers may be familiar with “From Up On Poppy Hill”. This cartoon took inspiration from Daikanzaka Hill. You’ll see the various establishments and locations you’ve seen in the Studio Ghibli movie. This quaint area is also a nice place to explore and take a leisurely stroll.

Kirin Beer Factory

Kirin Beer is one of the biggest breweries in the country. Yokohama was one of the first few cities in the country to have beers because of the foreign trade that takes place in its port during the Meiji Period. There are regular brewery tours for those interested to learn about the production, facilities used, and history of Kirin. The tour lasts around 1.5 hours and it also has beer tasting.

Cosmo World

You may have already caught a glimpse of the huge Ferris wheel from a distance. It is the most recognizable structure found in Cosmo World. This amusement park is a fun place to hang out in and enjoy the rides. There’s a roller coaster and the usual things you’ll see in a carnival. The park is lovely at night once it is illuminated. This destination is a good place to take night photographs.

Yokohama Chinatown

This part of Yokohama comes to life at night when the neon lights are lit and the smell of street food entices you to grab a bite. Walk around Chinatown to find stalls of mooncakes, noodles, and meat buns. This area was a hub and residential district for Chinese traders that arrived in the city more than a century ago. The colorful Kanteibyo was built by the Chinese in the early 1870s for good fortune. This is said to be the largest Chinatown in Japan.

Landmark Tower Sky Garden

After admiring the cityscape from below, why not go up the Landmark Tower Sky Garden to get bird’s eye views? The garden has a viewing deck around 300m high and has fetching views of the bay and city below.

Sankeien Garden

This beautiful garden amid the urban sprawl is a nice addition to your itinerary because of its fetching landscaping and historical structures. Hara Sankei had this destination constructed and had opened to visitors in 1904. You’ll find scenic trails, rivers, tea houses, a pagoda, and a feudal lord house.

Yamashita Park

This park is a green, open space in the city. Locals and visitors make their way here to have a leisurely stroll and just relax. One of the most recognizable things you’ll see in the park is the Hikawa Maru. This huge ship was used in 1930 and was later retired near the park. It is now a museum.

Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum

Takashi Yanase created the fictional character Anpanman. It was made for adults but became popular with children as well. You can now learn more about this character in the anime’s own museum.

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