TOKYO EATS: 12 Must-Try Street Food Favorites

Tokyo is an urban sprawl with towering buildings, neon-lit streets, and people going at a frenetic pace throughout the day. The city is also a popular destination to eat; there are many hole-in-the-wall food stalls and restaurants that serve delicious meals such as sushi, ramen, sashimi, and many others. The metropolis also has a number of delectable street food that you should try during your visit.

These will satisfy your hunger and provide you with a culinary adventure that will complete your travel experience in one of the best cities for food in the world. You can find some of these in markets in places such as Tsukiji and Asakusa or areas around Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. If you’re exploring the bustling city of Tokyo, here are must-eat street food.


This street food is similar to mochi and is often sold in 7-11s, Mini-Stops, and other stores. You’ll see many of these treats sold in the street during festivals. This round snack can be a good stomach filler while exploring the city and just before eating a full meal. There are specialty dangos sold in Mount Takao and during the Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival.


This noodle-based dish is a popular delicacy whether you find it in a street stall or in a restaurant. Yakisoba comes with a variety of ingredients that gives it flavor; some of these include carrots, slices of meat, cabbage, some onions, fish flakes and ginger, and then mixed with the sauce.


If you’ve seen fish-like snacks while wandering around the streets and neighborhoods of Tokyo, then you’ve already seen taiyaki. This cake uses red bean paste as its filling, but you can also find some with different fillings such as custard.


This street food is an omelet on a stick. What makes it different from the other omelets is that it has a sweet taste. The cook grills the egg and rolls layers of it until it is cooked perfectly. Try this to satisfy your hunger after walking all over the city.

Matcha Gelato

Cool off during a hot summer day by getting matcha gelato. This green tea-flavored snack is sweet and cold, the perfect remedy for the afternoon’s sweltering heat. Find the best cone of matcha gelato in Suzukien Asakusa.


If seafood is what you’re craving, why not try ikayaki? This grilled squid on a stick has a sweetish taste because of the soy sauce. The tender meat will make you want to get another stick. Find the best seafood in markets.


This is a treat that has swept over the city especially in Harajuku. This snack is picture-perfect with its colorful ingredients such as strawberry, ice cream or even cheesecake. There are several other flavors you can try from one of the many stalls serving this in Harajuku. You might even think the crepe is too pretty to eat, but just dig in and let the flavor explode in your mouth.


This deep-fried delicacy is a perfect partner with an ice-cold bottle of beer. The cooks marinate the chicken or any kind of meat with a variety of ingredients such as soy sauce and rice wine just to name two. These give karaage its distinct and yummy taste. The cook fries it in cornstarch until it reaches the ideal color before serving it to customers.

Potato Crisps

This snack is simple yet delicious. Stall cooks use sliced potatoes and fry them until they reach the perfect color and then top them with ingredients of your choice. You can have it served with ice cream, chocolate syrup, cheese, and others. Take your pick to satisfy your hunger.


This little pastry has a history that dates back to the mid-1870s. A samurai was the first one to make it during ancient times. This sweet roll comes in various fillings depending on the season; sometimes its chestnuts or sakura, at other times it’s the usual red bean paste. You can get this from various food stalls all over Tokyo.

Menchi Katsu

This deep-fried delicious street food will make you want more with its tenderness and just the right amount of crispy texture. It is prepared using top-quality wagyu, coating it in panko, and then fry it until it reaches a golden hue. A few of these can fill your stomach after a tiring day.


Tempura is one of the most famous dishes in Japan; you can find this in Tokyo. It comes in various types from seafood to veggies. Take your pick and sink your teeth into its golden skin cooked just right. Dip it into some sauce and feel your hunger satisfied.

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