Japan has exported its culture to the world. One of its biggest and most popular exports is its food. Who hasn’t tried ramen and sushi at least once in their life? Going on a food trip is always included in the itinerary when planning a visit to Japan. One of the best places to go on a culinary escapade in Japan is Osaka. The city got the moniker “Japan’s Kitchen” because it used to be the trade hub for rice during the Edo epoch. The name has stuck centuries after.

The city has several food stalls, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and all sorts of establishments serving the local delicacies. If you’re in Osaka, these are some of the noteworthy dishes to try while exploring.


When you search for top Osaka food, the results will often yield takoyaki atop its list. Its name means “octopus balls”, but before you feel grossed out, the meat used for this delicacy is the octopus’ legs. Aside from the octopus leg meat, other ingredients may include some tempura crumbs, ginger, flour, and eggs. After cooking, it is topped with a sweetish sauce, giving it its yummy taste. Aizuya is one of the places to try this because it was the original restaurant that served this dish. You can find them in Umeda or Namba.


This snack is a stomach filler while you enjoy traveling around Osaka and the Kansai region. These delicious pork buns are Japan’s version of the Chinese baozi. It is made of flour dough and has pork, beef or other ingredients as its filling. Food stalls and convenience stores in the city sell these, making it easy to find and take with you wherever you may be.


If you’re on a diet, you might want to stop for a few days while eating your way through Osaka. One of the must-eats during your stay is kushi-katsu. As soon as you enter the city’s dining districts, you’ll smell meat, veggies, and seafood being skewered. These are fried until they reach a golden tinge, then serve to customers with different sauces. Other types of food found in a kushi-katsu restaurant include mushrooms, quail eggs, and pumpkin just to name some. Kushikatsu Daruma is a famous establishment to try this Osakan delicacy. You can find the restaurant in Dotonbori.


Depending on who looks at it, this local delicacy will resemble either a pizza or a pancake. Regardless of how the okonomiyaki appears to you, it is something you should try while in Osaka. This dish is a mix of a variety of ingredients such as eggs, cabbage, cheese, pork, seafood, and others. After frying, the cook adds a sweet-tasting dressing on top of the dish. Locals and visitors alike go to Osaka to try this delectable concoction of grilled stuff. It may not seem appealing upon first glance, but one bite will remove all doubt about its tastiness. Some restaurants allow you to watch them make okonomiyaki. There are many establishments in Dotonbori serving this dish.

Shoyu Ramen

Ramen is probably one of the most famous Japanese food exports. If you’re in Osaka, make sure to get a bowl of shoyu ramen. This soy sauce-based bowl of goodness is a perfect energizer for exploring the city or as a reward at day’s end. Slurp the soup and munch on the veggies and meat with a cold glass or can of beer. You can find this dish in many stalls and restaurants all over Osaka.


Barbecues are a big thing in Osaka; many restaurants serve yakiniku (barbecued beef) to customers. This dish is best eaten with a group and a round of cold drinks. After barbecuing the meat, dip it into a saucer of sauce to give it flavor. The quality of the beef varies depending on the restaurant, but you can easily find establishments that offer this.


This blowfish dish may be dangerous, but that won’t stop foodies from trying this delicacy. Most eat it raw; fugu is only dangerous if an unskilled and unexperienced person prepares it. Professionals need to get a license before they get to serve this dish, so if you want to eat this while in Osaka, you’ll be fine. Cooks can serve this sashimi-style, stewed, in a hotpot or fried. Choose which style you prefer. You can find restaurants serving fugu in both Shinsekai and Dotonbori.

Kitsune Udon

Kitsune is the type of udon that many locals and visitors choose when they eat their way through Osaka. This dish combines tofu and dashi stock in one hot and delicious bowl of goodness. The best place to try this dish is in Dotonbori Imai Honten which has been serving this type of udon since the 1940s.

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