Early April and mid-November. Japan is at its most magical in early April during the cherry blossoms season (if you don’t mind the crowd) and mid- to late November for the autumn foliage.

But it doesn’t mean that other times don’t have anything to offer. Japan has four seasons. The country has very hot humid summers and dry cold winters. Depending on the activities you want to do and the sites you want to see, anytime is the best time to visit Tokyo. The country has unique offerings every turn of the season.


Winter has its appeal, especially to those who live in the tropics and only get to experience the dry and wet season. And let’s not forget the enchanting winter illumination events! Winter season is from December to February with the first snowfall happening usually in January. (But it’s hard to tell nowadays, so it’s better to check the weather/snow forecast if you wanted to go there for the snow.)

Although days are shorter and you have to put on more clothes, the winter season has its advantages too: less crowded tourist attractions, cheaper hotels and flights, and New Year Sale!!! It is also the only time when the Emperor of Japan addresses the crowd (during his birthday in December and New Year greeting in January.)


Springtime in Japan means CHERRY BLOSSOMS! It is one of the most iconic tourist experiences in Japan. Both locals and foreigners go to various cherry blossom spots to appreciate the pretty view and take photos. The trees are usually in full bloom in April. It’s better to check the Cherry Blossom forecast for the first bloom before booking your flight. The weather is not too cold and not humid, making it a preferable time to stroll around and explore.

The Golden Week is a week-long holiday for the Japanese during spring (end of April and start of May), so expect huge crowds and pricey hotels and flights. Book your hotels and tickets in advance if you really want to go around this time of the year.


A lot of festivals in Japan are celebrated during summer. It is also a good time to go trekking and visiting viewpoints. Although summer can be too hot and may bring in the rain, it can still be a great time to wander around the gardens and national parks.


Autumn happens from September to November. It’s not too cold and not too hot, making it an ideal time to go on trekking and hiking. It gets crowded in November though, especially around the area for autumn leaf viewing spots.

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