Sapporo is known primarily as a winter destination, but there are a lot of cultural events and festivals happening year-round to pique your interest any time of the year.

Sapporo Top Events

  • Sapporo International Ski Marathon. If you’re a winter sports buff, you can participate in Hokkaido’s largest ski marathon. Held every year, the Sapporo International Ski Marathon always start in Sapporo.
  • Jozankei Yukitouro. This is a yearly winter event wherein snow lanterns are lit to decorate and illuminate the city. Dates vary each year.
  • Photo by Yoshke Dimen
  • Sapporo White Illumination. This event in mid-November to December is a way of locals to hearken the start of the winter season. Lanterns are used to illuminate key parts of the city, creating a romantic, atmospheric feel.

  • Photo by Yoshke Dimen
  • Cherry Blossom Season. Due to Sapporo being further north, spring here comes a bit later than other Japanese cities. It’s one of the last places every year where you can witness cherry blossoms at their full bloom. Best places to visit include Maruyama Park and Moerenuma Park.

Sapporo Top Festivals

  • Sapporo Snow Festival. Sapporo’s flagship event, usually held in the first week of January. Streets are alight with lanterns and artificial lights, and dozens if not hundreds of ice statues and sculptures decorate the city. Primary venues of the event include Odori Park, Tsudome Community Center, and the Susukino entertainment district.
  • Sapporo Autumn Festival. This festival usually happens in September; it is a food and cultural festival showcasing local products and cuisine. It is usually held in Odori Park.
  • Yosakoi Festival. This is one of the most anticipated dance festivals in Japan, where numerous cities participate in street dance and revelry. In Hokkaido, most of the Yosakoi dance festivities are centered in Sapporo.

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