Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic landmarks and attractions in Japan. The mountain is part of the country’s mythology during ancient times and is now a regular fixture on postcards, shirts, photos, and itineraries. It is one of its most photographed as well. Many people hike to its peak during summer while some are satisfied with getting a glimpse of it from an observation deck or use it as a backdrop for their photos. The ideal times to visit are the colorful seasons of spring and autumn. Here are some of the spots to get a glimpse of beautiful Mount Fuji. You can go to these as a day trip or an overnight stay in the nearest town or city.

Mount Takao

Takaosan is a popular day hike destination from the urban sprawl of Tokyo. Many locals and tourists follow its trails to its summit, especially during autumn and summer. Its position also provides you with views of Mount Fuji’s peak during clear days. The best place to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji is at the summit.

Lake Kawaguchi

Kawaguchiko is either a long day trip from Tokyo or at least an overnight stay. The lake area is, simply put, stunning, especially during clear days when Mount Fuji’s reflection is seen. Take a leisurely stroll around the walking platform and take as many photos of the mountain as you want. The ideal times for a visit are autumn for the colorful leaves and spring when the cherry blossoms come out.

Moto Hakone

This scenic area provides you with views of a little bit of everything — rolling hills, the lake, and of course, Mount Fuji. You’ll catch a glimpse of Fuji during a clear day. The Moto Hakone area is the place to go to admire the views whether you are on a sightseeing boat or just taking a stroll.

Chureito Pagoda

This five-story high pagoda was constructed as a peace memorial back in the 60s. It belongs to the Arakura Sengen Shrine and serves as the perfect foreground to Mount Fuji’s beauty. You may have already seen the iconic photograph of the pagoda and the mountain on postcards, websites, magazines and other forms of media. Autumn and spring are popular times to visit because of the cherry blossoms and autumn foliage.

Bunkyo Civic Center

If you don’t want to leave the comforts of Tokyo to see Mount Fuji, the best place to go is the Bunkyo Civic Center. Its observation deck offers fetching views of the mountain and the urban jungle it towers over. You’ll see a mix of man-made architectural wonders and nature’s beauty in one panoramic view.

Oshino Hakkai

This small bucolic village somewhere around Lakes Yamanakako and Kawaguchiko is beautiful and is a welcome break from Tokyo’s frenetic pace. On a clear day, you’ll get to see Mount Fuji in all its majesty. The open-air museum serves as a foreground to the natural beauty of the mountain. You can get this view from the observation deck.

Fuji Q Highland

Where else can you ride a roller coaster and see Mount Fuji simultaneously? This theme park is a good place to visit for families and friends. You can have the best of both worlds with a trip to Fuji Q Highland.

Lake Shoji

This small lake provides stunning views of Mount Fuji and some would even say that it has the best views of the mountain among the five lakes, collectively known as Fuji Goko. The other four lakes are Kawaguchi, Motosu, Sai, and Yamanaka. During blue hour to sunset is the ideal time to go to Lake Shoji. If you have the time or are interested in more than just seeing Mount Fuji, you can follow the Panorama Dai trail.

Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

This ropeway is a convenient way to reach an observation deck on Mount Tenjo that provides bird’s eye views of Kawaguchiko and Fuji. This is a possible option for those who just want a leisurely and easy day out from Tokyo.

Miho Beach

This pebbly beach stretches for around three kilometers along Suruga Bay. You can see Mount Fuji from a distance while strolling around the beach. Miho Beach is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Lake Yamanaka

Fuji Five Lakes is a popular destination from Tokyo; one of the lakes you should visit during your trip is Yamanakako. This developed and big lake, the largest among the five, has fetching views of Mount Fuji. Go on a leisurely stroll, hang out, or just soak in the fresh air. The best views from this lake are along its northern shore.

On the Bullet Train

If you are traveling on a bullet train to Osaka from Tokyo, you can get a glimpse of Mount Fuji along the way. Shin-Fuji Station is where you’ll see Japan’s most famous mountain. Make sure to get a seat on the right side when you buy a ticket.

Lake Sai

This destination is another lake where you can get fetching views of Mount Fuji. The western shore and the hiking trails are the best places to see the mountain. One of the viewpoints to consider visiting is Koyo-Dai.

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