Japan has four seasons. It gets to experience the cycle of weather transitions and the changing of colors of the surroundings, creating a distinct aura and vibe for each season. The country has something different to offer every turn of the season. Depending on what you want to experience and see, anytime is the best time to visit Nagoya.


If you want to experience winter wonderland and white Christmas, December to February is the best time to go as these months are usually the coldest. One of the popular and picturesque activities during winter is the lighting event or the illumination. During such event, a place is covered in various kinds of lights, oftentimes colorful, giving off a magical and warm feeling.

If you are into outdoor activities, you can try winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Nagoya is near the Japanese Alps, so one can easily go to one of the ski resorts from the city center. If you are into food, ramen and sake are perfect for the cold weather. You can also join festivals held during the winter season. It is also a good time to visit the onsen!


From March to May, flowers bloom! The weather is not too cold and not that hot and humid, so most of the visitors prefer to go around this time of the year. The most popular attraction during spring, not only in Nagoya but also the whole of Japan, is the Cherry Blossom experience. The trees are in full bloom in most regions of the country in April, and people go to different spots to just appreciate the relaxing and calming view.

Another big event during springtime is the Golden Week. It tends to get very crowded during this time as four national holidays are bundled up within a week. Plan your visit ahead and book your accommodations in advance.


June normally has the highest concentration of precipitation. During the rainy days, locals and foreigners alike may choose to visit nearby hot spring villages or hotels and ryokans offering onsen or hot spring bath service. You can either join others in a public bath or enjoy the peace and quiet of a private onsen.

If you are into culture, one of the best things to do to learn more about culture and history is to witness and join the different festivals. Most of the festivals happen during the summer season. High summer in Japan usually falls in July, becoming very hot and humid in August. Outdoor activities like trekking and climbing mountains are usually held during these months. And since festivals are celebrated left and right, visitors get the chance to cap off the night watching fireworks displays.


The most recommended time to visit is the autumn season, which happens from September to November. If you are into dramatic and romantic scenery, the colors of autumn would be perfect for your Instagram-worthy posts. Fall in love with the bright red and orange colors of the leaves, mingling with some greens.

It gets crowded in November, especially around the popular autumn leaf spots. Savor the not too hot and not too cold weather. Enjoy your food while sipping tea or coffee with the view of the gently falling leaves. Take a stroll or even go on a hike and end your day with a relaxing dip in one of the many hot spring baths.

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