Being a highly urbanized city, Nagoya is also one of the most populated ones. With its economy heavily driven by automotive manufacturing, the transportation system is very efficient as the streets are wide and can be conveniently accessed by cars, making it easier for locals and foreigners to navigate the city.

Trains and subways are the major modes of transportation when going around the city. For a hassle-free train transit and navigation, it is recommended to use Hyperdia. You just need to indicate your destination and it will give you several route options. It will also show you the travel duration, the total fare and the breakdown, the platform number of your train, and the number of transfers if there’s any. You just need to have a good internet access.

Nagoya Pocket Wi-Fi

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Where to get a pocket Wi-Fi? Renting 4G Pocket Wi-Fi is the best and cheapest way to connect to the internet; you can even share it with your friends or family members! Note that the supply can run out quickly, so you need to reserve in advance. You can get the device at the airport with no deposit needed. Make sure you choose the right airport for the pick up when you do your reservation.


Nagoya By Subway

The Nagoya subway system has six color-coded lines and is tourist-friendly since the signs and announcements are translated into the English language. Most of the attractions within the city are conveniently linked by these subway lines, providing ease of access for both locals and tourists. The fares for subway range from ¥200 to ¥330. You can purchase a one-day subway pass for ¥740 at the vending machines located at the subway stations or at the ticket booths.

Here are the six subway lines:

  • Higashiyama Line (Yellow): Takabata Station – Fujigaoka Station
    *With transfer stations at Sakura-dori Line, Tsurumai Line, and Meijo Line
  • Meijo Line (Purple): Loop Line (Connects to all other lines)
  • Meiko Line (Purple): Kanayama Station – Nagoyako Station (Nagoya Port)
    *With transfer station at Meijo Line
  • Tsurumai Line (Blue): Kami Otai Station – Akaike Station
    *With transfer stations at Sakura-dori Line, Higashiyama Line, and Meijo Line)
  • Sakura-dori Line (Red): Nakamura Kuyakusho Station – Tokushige Station
    *With transfer stations at Higashiyama Line, Tsurumai Line, and Meijo Line)
  • Kamiida Line (Pink): Heian-dori Station – Kamiida Station
    *With transfer station at Meijo Line

Nagoya By Meguru Loop Bus

For sightseeing, taking the Meguru Loop Bus is also a good option. From Nagoya Station, it circles around Nagoya’s major tourist spots including Sakae, Nagoya Castle, and Toyota Techno Museum, among others. These buses operate every day except Mondays. The fare is ¥210 per ride. It’s cheaper to get the one-day pass for ¥500 if you want to cover multiple tourist attractions.

Travel Passes and Discounted Tickets

Depending on your itinerary, it is much cheaper and more efficient to get one-day passes if you want to cover as much tourist destinations as possible in one day or even ending the day outside Nagoya City. Here are some of the day pass combination options.

  • One Day Bus and Subway Pass (¥850) – You can purchase this at any subway station’s vending machine, at the ticket booths, or from the bus drivers. Enjoy a day of unlimited subway and city bus rides. This pass also includes the Meguru Loop Bus.
  • Shoryudo Nagoya Subway & Bus One Day Pass (¥600) – Available to foreign visitors only. You can get this at Chubu Centrair International Airport. It’s pretty much like the One Day Bus and Subway Pass but cheaper because it’s discounted.
  • Donichi Eco Ticket or Weekend Eco Pass (¥600) – Valid only on weekends, holidays, and during Environmental Conservation Day which happens every 8th day of the month. This offers unlimited subway and city bus rides, including the Meguru Bus Loop. You can purchase this at any subway station’s vending machine, at the ticket booths, or from the bus drivers.

Note: These passes are not applicable to Aonami Line, Linimo Line, the elevated section of Yutorito Line, and Meitetsu Buses.

Reminder: Please follow train and bus rules and etiquette.

Nagoya Essentials

Nagoya Pocket Wi-fi
Stay Internet-connected while in Nagoya!

Shoryudo Highway Bus Pass
Easy access to highway buses!

Nagoya City Walking Tour
See some of Nagoya’s iconic landmarks!

JR Pass
Unlimited train rides within the JR network.

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