TOKYO: Things to Do Near Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is one of the most important stops in the city’s web-like transport network. It serves as a transportation hub that not only allows you to explore the bustling metropolis but also other destinations in the country. However, apart from being just a stop, the station has some noteworthy attractions you can include in your itinerary.
If you are done exploring Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Asakusa, these are some of the places of interest you can visit while exploring the area around Tokyo Station. These can fill your itinerary and lets you see a different side of the city.

Tokyo Ramen Street

If you are a fan of Japanese food, you might want to drop by Tokyo Ramen Street once you reach Tokyo Station. You can find some of the city’s best ramen restaurants here. The hot soup, noodles, and delicious ingredients will fill your belly and get you ready to explore the nearby attractions. Try the shio, tonkotsu, or other famous ramen dishes.

Nakadori Avenue

This tree-lined avenue is a great place to go shopping, hang out, or strolling to admire the buildings. You’ll find a number of quaint cafes, shops, and art in the area. Shop ’til you drop at the luxury stores, drink a cup of coffee, and have a snack or watch the winter illuminations during the right season. Visit at night to see the beautiful cityscape in bright lights.

Character Street

Anime lovers would love hanging out in this street near Tokyo Station. You’ll find goodies and items based on characters from Studio Ghibli animations, Pokemon and others. Go souvenir shopping or just browse the items you find.

Tokyo Station Gallery

The gallery was established in the late 1980s and is inside the station building that is more than a century old. It was momentarily closed in the mid-2000s but reopened its doors back in 2012 after improvements. The gallery has yearly exhibits to entice art lovers to visit.

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

This is another museum to include in your itinerary while exploring the area around Tokyo Station. Josiah Condor, an English architect, designed the attention-grabbing red building where the museum is. The building was torn down in the 60s but rebuilt following similar features and the original plan. You’ll find exhibits of art sometime between the 19th to 20th centuries. Drop by if you have the time and interest in art.

Gyoko Dori

This walking area provides you with great views of Tokyo Station, especially when the ginkgo trees are in full bloom. The building itself is beautiful and worthy of admiration even if you’re not an architecture buff. The structure is one of the oldest in the city, which makes it a significant part of Tokyo’s illustrious history.

Meiji Seimeikan

The area surrounding Tokyo Station is full of history and beautiful buildings. One structure to take note of is the Meiji Seimeikan. The Japanese government made the structure a cultural property. They gave it this designation because it is one of the first buildings that Japanese architects designed when the country was modernizing. You can see the western design influence of the building once you catch a glimpse of it. You can enter the building during certain times of the day from Wednesday to Friday and the weekends.

Imperial Palace East Gardens

Tokyo is a unique city because it blends green spaces with urban sprawl. You can visit many parks within the bustling metropolis; one of which is the Imperial Palace East Gardens. You could catch a glimpse of the palace’s former glory exploring the park when you see the guardhouses, moats, and imposing walls. You can go on a relaxing walk here and make sure to include the Japanese garden to your itinerary. Note that it’s closed on Mondays and Fridays.

Sony Building

This fetching building near Tokyo Station has showrooms, stores, and restaurants which make it a good hang out place. You can try some of the devices that the brand is known for during your visit. There are exhibits for their latest technology and hands-on gadgets in different floors. There are free shows all year round at the Opus the Sound Planetarium.


There are many shopping centers near and around Tokyo Station, one of them is Kitte. Kitte is home to a number of restaurants and shops. You’ll find a variety of items for home décor and interior design as well as apparel. Make your way to the garden to get overlooking views of the station and nearby buildings.

Marunouchi Building

This Tokyo Station landmark opened in the early 2000s. It has the usual shops located on its lower floors; you can shop here if you haven’t found what you are looking for elsewhere. The 35th and 36th floors have restaurants where you can eat good food and drinks while getting views of the city from above. Go at night to see the city’s vibrant lights.

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