MATSUMOTO: Getting There from Other Key Cities in Japan

Aside from its beautiful castle, Matsumoto is also known as a jump-off point to old post towns such as Magome, Tsumago, and Narai. Kamikochi and the Alpine Route (April to November only) are also easily accessed from Matsumoto. If you are into hiking and trekking, you can have Matsumoto as your base. You can also explore Nawate Street for some souvenirs and snacks.

Although located near the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto is not that hard to reach. The city is easily accessible from Tokyo and Nagoya. There are buses and trains that go to Matsumoto directly or indirectly from these two key cities. Here are just some of the ways to get to Matsumoto.

From Tokyo

By Train

Take the limited express train from Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station.

Fare: The ticket costs around ¥6,380 (base fare + unreserved seat); ¥7,100 (base fare + reserved seat)
Travel Time: This trip takes around 3 hours.

Note: There is a slower train but takes longer and requires a handful of station stops and changes. This option can take up to seven hours but only costs around ¥4,000.


By Bus

From Shinjuku Bus Center, take the bus bound for Matsumoto.

Fare: The highway bus costs around ¥3,500 (adult); ¥1750 (children)
Travel Time: It may take up to 3 hours.

From Nagoya

By Train:

From Nagoya Station, you can buy tickets for the Shinano limited express to Matsumoto. Board the train and alight at Matsumoto Station.

Fare: This costs around ¥5,510 (base fare + unreserved seat); ¥6,230 (base fare + reserved seat)
Travel Time: May take up to 2 hours per way.


By Bus:

Bus companies Alpico and Meitetsu ply this route. From Meitetsu Bus Center, take the bus bound for Matsumoto. Get off at Matsumoto Bus Terminal.

Fare: Costs around Y2600 to Y3560 per way.
Travel Time: This takes approximately 3 hours.

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